Ancient Stories: Antenociticus

Let’s take a closer look at the first of two altars found dedicated to our special Tyneside Romano-British god: Antenociticus! You can see this inscription has lots more information than any of the altars we’ve looked at so far – so what does it tell us?

Keep reading to find out


This altar uses some new abbreviations we haven’t encountered before, as well as our old friend the dative case at the beginning. You might also be able to spot two Roman names hiding in the middle of everything else: Ulpius Marcellus and Tineius Longus.

Take a look at the following worksheet and see if you can fill in the missing words in the translation. Don’t forget to check the clues!

Now it’s time to catch up with Elizabeth as she talks us through this inscription to the god. Who left it there in the temple at Condercum (Benwell) – and why? And more importantly: did you manage to work out the missing words in the translation? Let’s find out!

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